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小同伴们,在形貌自己心仪的都会时,是不是以为想要说得许多,好山好水,好吃好玩,可是总感受说出来的词汇不太给力,不能把自己的感受淋漓尽致地表达出来呢?如果是,那就让我们一起看看,对于伦敦,这座古老而现代的都会,都可以如何形貌吧!我们一起为处于封城中的伦敦祈祷,相信一切都市好起来!坐落于 in situated in the south-east of England成熟Came of age交通便利 is easy to navigate around结构紧凑适宜步行 is compact enough to explore on foot国际级都会充满地标性修建this world city is filled with iconic symbols上游upriver大本钟让人放心的钟声每个整点响彻整个伦敦Big Ben’s reassuring chimes peal across the city every hour, on the hour斥资数百万英镑加以整修have recently undergone a multimillion-pound refurbishment人造湖man-made lake引人注目的铜像striking bronze statue都会变迁耐久不衰的纪念堂the most enduring monument to the city’s transformation都会气力和生命力的见证a great testament to British strength and resilience街道林立古老的修建the streets are lined with ancient buildings人们三五成群出门寻找快乐the throngs of people are out to have fun白昼,迷人的精品店和咖啡店充满购物人群By day, the charming boutiques and cafes hum with shoppers夜晚,卡纳比大街上的酒吧挤满了在演出开始前来喝上一杯的主顾By night, the bars along Carnaby Street are packed with patrons enjoying pre-show drinks伦敦郊区则给人们完全差别的感受London’s trendy suburbs offer a different kind of story大英博物馆,馆中数以百万件珍贵的馆藏,涵盖了数千年的历史The British Museum, her treasures cover thousands of years of history and number in the millions从古至今,伦敦眼代表人们生活节奏和看法的全盘改变from the ancient to the modern, the London Eye offers a complete change of pace and perspective伦敦永远是一座不停缅怀历史,同时展望未来的都会London will always be a city that looks towards the past and the future in equal measure.【考试链接】去过想再去一次的都会 describe a city you have visited and want to go back to in the futureYou should say:Which city it isWhere it isWhat you did thereAnd explain why you want to go back